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POS System Development

POS is an abbreviation of 'Point Of Sales'. It is a system to enable managers to registrate, aggregate, and analyze sales information.

SCO(Self Check Out) solution

Shorter queues
  • A self-service checkout allows more customers to be served in a shorter time. This results in more purchases in the same time frame, as well as in shorter queues.
Always enough cashiers
  • The capacity of a self-service till is not limited to the number of free cashiers, but is instead down to the number of available machines. This also reduces the impact of the human factor such as staff illness or training periods for new employees.

Toshiba Self Checkout System 6
  • Modular - tailored for you
  • Highly configurable software(CHEC 6.8)
  • Retail-hardened for durability
  • Front-serviceable, zero-clearance
  • Installed base : 25,000 lanes globally

    IHL Group "Best in class"

Toshiba Self Checkout System 7
Appealing and Versatile

Better user experience

  • Redesigned UX with best-in-class audio
  • User guidance lighting

More appealing and versatile design

  • Reduced footprint 15-20%
    (Configuration dependent)
  • Kiosk form factor enables more usage
Appealing and Versatile
  • Modular approach is flexible enough to meet all configuration needs
  • Multiple additional feature options
  • In-store upgradable
  • Simplified Support

Main Customers

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