Logger Script

Smart Glassed Remote Support
Arrival at trouble spot
  • On-site Worker sharing On-site Visual and Situation
Joint Problem Analyze (Video Sharing, Voice Call)
  • Explain On-site situation

  • Understand current situation in On-site, discuss the solution by Communicate Expert group

Suggest Solution
  • Solve On-site problem – able to send detail work order to On-Site worker

For Use / Expectation
  • Accurate and fast on-site response, minimizing on-site mistakes

  • Maximize the responsiveness and utilization of expert groups

  • Fast and accurate response as well as internal expert center
    as well as external expert cooperation channel

AR Shopping
Enter AR Shopping App
  • Enter AR shopping through native buttons or separate apps
AR Virtual deployment
  • Recognize space around user and make AR data

  • Place various items and check colors, rotations, positions, etc. freely

  • Measure the space of the product through the virtual tape measure

Goods purchase
  • Buy virtually placed products and physically place them in user space

For Use / Expectation
  • Linking purchasing activities through the selection, placement, and satisfaction of products that fit the customer's space
  • Realize customer buying needs with AR applications that solve real problems
AR Brochure
AR Virtual Installation
  • Recognized surface(Ceiling) then install virtual air-condition on the surface(Ceiling)
  • Provide features that able to change the color, design, position, move/rotate etc.
  • Also able to provide customized feature that customer needs
AR Brochure Service
  • Recognized paper brochure then provide AR service that customer needs
  • Able to play multimedia(3D object, Video, Image) in AR Brochure Service
  • Able to rotate the object, change the object
    Also able to provide customized feature that customer needs

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